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January 03, 2006, 07:46:05 AM
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Duality and The red lens

 Before i begin, i would like to credit all this article on the thinking of a very intelligent man named Steve Pavlina and his wonderful website, and it is based upon his Podcast #008-Overcoming fear.
  I would like all the credit for this article to go to him. However what you read is my interpretation of his thoughts and i am only responsible for the interpretation not the concept.

     OK, Fear is a basic instinct of Humanity. Every human gets scared, to not get scared is to not be human. This primal fear which no human should be without is called "Fight or flight" It is the split second decision that decides whether we Fight and/or run away. Most sensible humans will run but you do get idiots that fight :P.

     However the fear that is not necessary to feel is the anxiety of say public speaking. Now this is true, most people are more afraid of public speaking than dying! Feeling fear of public speaking is a effectively a mental problem.
     This is where duality comes in. The common belief of today's society is that we are separate beings of consciousness, we are all separate beings that think. Yet when people refer to Artificial Intelligence they refer to it as one big consciousness, why? Because they see it from another perspective, yet they fail to realize they live in a very similar situation. That is the very essence of Duality, you believe that you are separate there for you create opposition and competition.

     Why do this? you ask. Well, people thrive on individuality, it is inherent in our genetic programming for example, "When you get older you gain independence" or a famous saying of parents, "Your older enough now to do things on your own" all of it geared at INDEPENDENCE. Independence is vital for society to function but if you believe that you are a separate being that has no connection, you create fear of what others think, but if you realize that no pain can come of their thoughts because they are yours, then you will not care.

    Perhaps that sounds a little weird, or maybe it is too much to handle, so lets analyze it;
 Independence is VITAL to society, yet it's basic principle is wrong, therefore it is a contradiction.

   The belief that you are separate from the rest of humanity, effectively the wrong approach.
  I have no fear in telling anyone who reads this that you will understand this concept more if you listen to the Podcast mentioned above, even if you have to several times. What i say and what Steve says will interlock.

  The Red Lens is a metaphor that Steve uses to represent that people are only fooling themselves. Imagine that you are walking around with a red lens over your eyes. You can remove the lens but you like it over your eyes, it's comfortable, it's safe, there is no need to remove your lens, and besides, people think people with no lens are just weirdo's. So one day you come across a man without this lens and he says to you. "Can you see all this blue around us" Imagine that the blue represents the Monotony  of the world, effectively, once you see the blue, everything makes more sense. that sentence itself makes no sense but just try and imagine.
      So you look at this man and say, "Blue? what is blue, there is no blue, there is only red!" The man cannot prove the blue exists, he can only say it exists, the only way to take the doubt away from your mind is to take off the lens, but to some people taking off the lens is as if they are being thrown into the cold streets of the world naked and alone. It would practically kill them to be without the lens. The y are so irrevocably dependent on the system of Duality that they will fight to preserve it's existence. They are AFRAID, FEAR is what they feel. Which is effectively what this mini-article is about.

    So we reach a point in the article where i would like you To reflect on your own life and how you deal with fear. Do you have the red lens. I only recently awoke to this concept on the day of writing this article and i can tell you i have got the red lens, but i am ready to remove it and shirk off fear. Why should I, and indeed you be afraid of FEAR? Fear is only a creation of your own mind.

    For my final metaphor imagine you are dreaming about something, then suddenly without warning you become LUCID, you become awake in your dream and you look around at your body and at others. Now this dream is almost an exact copy of the real world, when you loo k around, when you see people, you will realise that they are only programs running within your subconscious. They are a part of you, yet you are also a part of them. That is a key belief you have to realise, You are they, they are you. Remember it.
    So after awakening within your dream, you would assume someone would go around acting crazy. Well no, you wouldn't. You would explore, stretch the parameters and discover the rules. (i will right another section on Rules and rule breaking, later) Now imagine that you realise this in real life, is it so different, that infact are body is just a factor, a control, a Dream body, and our true nature is the Consciousness and the connection between every human being, They are you, you are they. and when you realise this you will realise that fear is nothing to be afraid of.


 Thanks for reading this, i am open to suggestions and I will alter it accordingly, again, please thank Steve pavlina for his amazing Podcast which spawned this idea.
To the owner of everything,
                                  Are you truly happy?
 Love, light and laughter,
 Philip Nelson

January 04, 2006, 05:58:05 PM
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Thank you ever so much for this link!

I'm impressed. You don't have to go out and buy Tony Robbin's cassette tapes which is basically him kissing ass to you until you feel a difference in your mental state. I haven't found the link yet though but I think you left it in red.