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August 07, 2005, 03:21:15 AM
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Here is what has come to me on the path of the warrior

The world being a description of itself, imposed upon one from birth.
The first person was god, the first person began the description.
Created that which they then fragmented themself into it,
Creating something equal to the firsts self.
In doing so they became mortal, but remained immortal in their creation.
Either the first is dead but living on within us or we are but a thought in the firsts head.
Either way this does not explain where the first came from,
Therefore it is rendered pointless to elaborate on.
And our task is still to evolve our perception.
Even in the knowledge that nothing in actuality matters except that folly we involve ourself in.
All remains equal, the choice is still our own the path is still ours to choose.
To not strategise every decison continues to be likened to seeking death,
that is to not live or die upon our every decision and prepare accordingly  leads us to death.
Something which will leave our path left unexplored.
This is something that cannot be allowed to come to pass.
To not choose the path which the heart lies within is to seek death,
A useless excercise, for death has no need to be rushed.
To think our time is plenty is to be foolish, we have not the time to live with regret ofcourse.
But to pretend in death we have done all we could is ridiculous.
Any action that is undone is still undone on your deathbed, to speak otherwise is self-deception.
To feel something so important as to lead us away from our cause is foolish,
Nothing is more important then another thing, all is made of the same thing.
To let fear stop the hunt for knowledge is to fail in being in existance.

I hope to soon become the sorceror.

How can you explain freedom, never having experienced it.
From the moment we ar born we conform to the physical world. In narrow awareness of all that there is to percieve.
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