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March 29, 2005, 04:10:35 AM
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Though every relationship is different there are still fundamental likenesses between people that bring them together and make them drift apart.
We can all talk on certain topics and like minds to come together.
If we find a common ground things work.


The mind is abused by something beyond me,
The world outside of me is tainted with darkness.
People speak illy of things and this world itself in pieces is dark.
There are lights in this world and we in ourselves do fall into darkness,
But due to the nature of truth good things eventually rise again in our lives,
So darkness is just a moment as is light.
There is nothing to hold onto other than the feelings you possess in your body.
The mind itself is the past a set of uncontrolled circumstances we learn from in hindsight,
No matter which way we go the past is still the past lessons are learnt,
But ultimately here is the now and beyond the mind lies the beat of the heart and feelings.
Nothingness is then let that be,
If the heart beats steadily let that be,
If the mind chatters occupy yourself elsewhere,
And when all else fails endure the darkness.
Light always returns.