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January 06, 2004, 10:13:03 PM
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Void – the creator of all our being:

The reality is void. Void being no feeling, no thought – just a pure state of being. From this state of being come the truth of goodness. Truth not being the word, but the experience of. Truth not being the awareness of, but the being of. For awareness, for word, are pieces of thought, memory, which come from the end of an experience. They become the pieces of broken fragmentary existence that the mind uses to seek out truth. Thus is it possible to experience truth, without causing it to become a memory, a fragment, a thought in mind? This would denote that there be a way to not allow existence to become a memory, a stain upon the mind, the piece of corruption that is then used to pollute the body, the mind, with incessant desires and fears that persist in trying to capture and create reality through concepts. When we are void, there is nothing, no thought, no feeling – to be aware of this is to be in a state that has thought about it, that knows about it, that is knowledge, thus no awareness is required to be with void. To be with void then is not the work of knowledge, it is not the work of feeling, it is not the work of any type of awareness.

Void itself is void – nothing – it is a state that is completely empty. Essentially, to describe and reverse, and go back into the mind to fetch the fragments that where experienced by void, destroys the goodness of truth, that is whole and proper, that is real – you effectively destroy reality when you relay the fragments into a concept. Therefore to live as truth is not to live as a concept, is not to live as writing of concepts, is not to live as the memory, but as the moment, which is therefore not to live by thought, because all thought is of the past, all thought is memory, no thought is reality. Thus what we are left with is the beginnings of our being – the emptiness from whence it comes from, the feelings that are born from the essence of void – such as love, goodness, peace, freedom, these sorts of things. Therefore – any fragment that comes about, will be produced by feelings, which in turn produces partial knowledge, which therefore produces seeking, fear driven activity, which is brought about by the minds desire, inspired by its lack of having, which is inspired by fear, to create a reality based on its own knowledge, which brings forth the things it has previously experienced.

The mind, is a third hand tool, the second hand tool is the feeling, the first hand thing is void. But we the image of self, cannot reach void, because the image is itself not truth. We cannot reach the void through injecting a state of feeling, because this would be the seeking of the mind trying to replicate itself through the process of meditations and so on. Thus the truth lies when feeling and thought have both come to an end, which immediately produces the image of when they do come to be, that the mind will be aware of its being and thus begin its seeking. Thus you cannot have a concept of the void, because the void when being, will hear the concept created and will cease to be – you essentially trap yourself within the binds of your own knowledge. So it is the end of knowledge, it is the end of feeling, it is the beginning of whatever comes from the void itself. The strange thing is though, our whole being is the response of knowledge. When you realise the emptiness of self inside, where you are consciously in active, when there is a state of being that is not brought about through mind, then you realise that there can be an action – an action of things being done. Strangely, this action goes and does the things that we would have normally done, except it is done without the voice of the mind.

We have called this activity subconscious. So the void then, is the very source of the feelings, the thoughts within our body. Some have gone as far as to call this instinct, philosophers, being, reality, nothingness, void, a state that is of feeling, but is not named a feeling, well, it is named, but it is not the feeling of anything in particular, except the feeling of absolutely nothing going on. A state that can sense all other states, a state that is perceptive to all of itself. But a state that is not perceptive of anything in particular, a state that is void of all previous states of perception, a state that is however, the source of all things we are. Thus, the knowledge we learn, goes deeper, becomes a part of the rhythm of the body, our actions and ways become wordless, a state in which there is nothing but the action pure and true, the motive is what? For there to be action, there must be some sort of motive in play, a reason for these actions to keep on going. Some have said survival, some have said the will of God, but what is it really? To understand this deeper activity, requires that we be this deeper activity, which means the disappearance of the conscious self. Conscious self is hindrance to the deeper self. So to truly understand the being we are, requires that we dissolve the conscious self, and discover the depth of our being – the void, the subconscious, the nothingness, the emptiness, the reality, the source of all goodness, the place that is not limited by what it knows.

But to study it implies conscious recognition of the thing we are studying, requires that we have prior knowledge to study it. And really, this cannot be done. Because as soon as there is a conscious motive, then the motive itself is not the hidden and thus we are the conscious self – the self that is the image, the denial of the unconscious. So there can be nothing said, nothing to study. Some say it is a process of discovery, it is an experience, but then again, these words become conscious hindrances to the essence one is dealing with – so it cannot be anything we can say now can it? To say it is not anything, is to again create an image in mind of what it is. You cannot say anything, which again becomes an image. See the traps the conscious mind creates when it is seeking a method. See the traps that the guidance of others create to the being of the essence, the void, the unconscious? See the limitations created.

The most truthful state of the mind, that being the unconscious, the void, this nothingness, this reality, is when there is no feeling or no thought happening. A state, that I dare to word now, a state that is completely ‘         ‘ and as such is balanced, free, untroubled, unstressed, completely at ease within itself. A sense of love, of peace, which are derivatives of this original void – this unconscious activity, but the truest state, is the state that is absolutely nothing, because it is from that, which all things come. Not from a specific thing, but a thing that lacks all specifics. We have used conscious thought to create what we want in our beings. Thoughts of this and that and we are thinking we have changed things, that we are liberated, but still we are not at the root of where it all began and indeed are still specific to one thing. Conscious can influence the unconscious, but this is not the reality of the unconscious. It is when the unconscious is realised, with the complete absence of the conscious that suddenly we see the fallacy of the conscious, we see how limited it all really is. But suddenly, that realisation becomes limitation, and thus we are conscious again, and thus the struggle to be free of consciousness is born.

To see beyond the love, the peace, the bliss, the experiences of the unconscious, to be with the actual reality of the unconscious in which nothing is happening – any concept given, serves to enslave the mind in the conscious realm, in which we live as the image, an not as the actual. To say anything is to limit the being, to be the words and the methods and the ideas, is to live in imitation and not as the actuality is to live as a lie - to say anything is to create another image, thus nothing more will be said. Conscious and unconscious are not separate, they both interrelate with one another. However, the perception of the unconscious is distorted when the conscious self and its images try to portray what it is they have seen and experienced. Thus, perceptions of the unconscious being this and that are born. When really, it is none of these. These are just branches of the unconscious – they are not the direct source or root of it. Thus, actually, the root of it has been dubbed – nothingness, emptiness, void, reality – names to try and tell you there is nothing there but somehow something comes from it. Thus, the mystery is born and people try to call it God. You don't know what this unknown element is, the point from which our subconscious spins, if at all there is anything there that spins, but factually, good things come it. So, beyond all the names and the conscious dribble of it – the reality of it is what? Can you even say? Hence, nothing can be said.

Be well.

January 06, 2004, 10:56:32 PM
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boy oh boy... I won't front... I didn't read it all, and don't know if I will.  But from what I did read of it...  you think too much.  Quit thinking.  If you want to follow your advice you won't do anything.  Quit breathing, don't pump blood, don't blink, don't open your eyes, don't grow...  There's more, but yeah...  I draw power from nothing and attack the mentals of the poor people living here on this earth.  I'm not proud of it... it's just that I don't think enough to be "sane"...  I'm quite smart for not thinking much...  Come to think of it... I kinda remind myself of the Scarecrow...  haha...

There is no concious, no subconcious, no unconcious.  Just existence because we can't comprehend nothing.  We always try to give it a name, give it a place to be.  Our mentals contain vast ammounts of knowledge, and all this knowledge comes from nothing.  We can't use this knowledge, because it does come from nothing... but then when we give it complete form in our own minds and understand how something works, it works.  So if we can figure out how nothing works, will we cease to exist?  From what I read of what you posted this would be the case.

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