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What is Spirtuality to you ?

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I just wanted to know because everyone has there own veiws on this and most of peoples veiws are very intresting and i would be delighted to know.

I strongly believe Spirtuality is being allowed to be whoever you wanna be and doing whatever you wanna do (within reason of course), for example if i wanna make myself look diffrent (i.e hair colour or whatever) to express myself, my feelings and dreams i am allowed to my parents dont stop me because they know that to an extent, It's my Release.

I think spirituality is the opposite of materiality

No limits; full expression; abstract and logical thought merged; always knowing that there is something more; love and self-understanding.

Without a doubt, spiritualatity isnt something physical. Its sort of a combonation of things: Emotion, physical and mental health , and overall well being.

the pita:
My feeling of well being. Basically what Quagmire said.


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