Author Topic: Following others or personal discovery?  (Read 5215 times)

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January 03, 2004, 06:40:47 AM
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Quote from: Void
Words do try to convey the meaning of something, which is the expression of a said feeling pertaining to a situation. Feeling has no voice, it is purely private. The fact is that the mind and the feelings exist with one another - thus so long as people feel this and that, there too will be the thoughts of this and that. What are most teachings born from? The desire to lead others, born from the insecurity that others will not see. Why else would you write down your notes? Why else would you seek to enlighten others? Teachings wish people to discover a truth do they not? They wish them to find what has been found in these notes, so they too can experience what the original writer experienced. The teachings of the world are born out of fear. Or are they? Is a teaching born from fear? What is the purpose behind the words of the teaching? What is the point on conveying notes, conveying meanings?

What is it all about? Lets discuss this.

personally, I think it depends on what is being taught. In our society, a lot of things are born from fear-fear of the unknown. For example, I was reminiscing a prior episode of jerry springer I saw in about may 1994. The episode had the KKK on there and I just listened to everything the KKK said, why they are full of so much hate. Fear was what I assumed at the time and it is what I still assume today. Fear of not knowing. Because they fear not learning new cultures or get their information from perception, they are malicious to other ethnicities/religions based upon fear of not learning. this is then taught to the children of the clansmen/women...thus the cycle of fear repeats over and over again and no progress is gained...the status quo remains...
However, then again, teaching could not be about fear at all, but showing someone who's interested something. Showing how something has shaped your life based upon this. For example, I started chi like almost 6 years ago (yep my 6 year b-day is january 18) and I was so into these ideas, of blowing mountains and such. And I got beat up. Master Raymond taught me a lot. He taught me a lot about chi, rather metaphysics in general. He taught me not from fear, but for passing the seed.
October 16, 2003. I met someone that was so intrigued byt the esteroic science, we talked and talked and talked for what seems like ages. She, like me was intrigued by it and so fresh and open to new ideas. However unlike me, she wasn't beat up  :rolleyes: But the fact still remains, I was so impressed with the knowledge she knew, I began to show her some things...that trust thing was built...I didn't really teach her something out of fear of what might happen, but eagerness to pass the seed to another so they can benefit from it.
All of my teachings, helped me realize a lot. However I still thinks it depends on the situation and what is being taught. However...this is my opinion
btw good post void