Author Topic: i have a gaurd that makes sure i dont use my powers in a controled manner  (Read 828 times)

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November 07, 2018, 12:54:52 PM
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Goverment gives money biological father mother takes to rent me eat
I don't even want to live here
Sofia need medication everyday to survive
I don't eat what I should
I don't sun
I don't train
Government harass me I can go out

I have got a idea that guard should do something
He can do something
He is capable
He is with me 24 7
If he want me to go with him I go with him

He is passive
He let others use me
He does not do anything
He knows i want him to take me with him

He knows i want to go somewhere  where I will never be found
He knows i want him to take care of my health
He knows i would have his babies if he desired

He deserve better
He knows it

He treats me very well

I don't want to pay tax in a place where others abort
I never liked where I live
I don't like them which lives here

Think of a beautiful vampire living with society
Society tries to eat vampire
Vampire have to be with other vampire
Society is dangerous

The vampire would have to move outside society

The world is better place if vampire never show herself
There has to be places for vampires

I guess I don't care if society has abortions
Allow me to have as many babies I want
Stay the fuck away from guards  raising abilities

I can't be part living in society

November 07, 2018, 01:09:07 PM
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If you have the taste of having an abortion
You pay for it

Not me
I don't like you