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1. Is there any difference between an anahata chakra and a middle dan tien, and an ajna chakra and an upper dan tien? I know they are in similar areas but i don't know if they are the same thing or not.

2. What is the equivalent of kundalini in qigong ?

1) simple answer: yes, the middle and upper Dan tien correspond to the anahata and ajna

2) simple answer: jing

The middle dan ti'en and anahata are definitely similar in a spiritual sense, in that they both represent a balance of emotions and living from compassion, but are also different in that they come from different cultures, even if the Shaolin were heavily influenced by the Yogis. In a martial arts sense, the middle dan ti'en is where you develop 'light air kung fu' which is the ability to make yourself light for jumping high and/or long distances, flying kicks and balance, such as Lotus Pole training (the elevated poles you see in kung fu movies), and pushing people great distances with minimal effort.

Kundlini is similar to activating the three dan ti'ens from Jing to Qi to Shen, which is a lifelong and laborious process. In a martial arts sense, although it is not the same in a mystical sense, is the idea of 'whipping spine' where you use the articulating power of the spine from the tail bone to your shoulder blades (approximately) to emit a powerful but concentrated strike (fa jin) with minimum effort and maximum force.

Which one do you think is the fastest toward union with God

They are similar only in theory and location. In traditional practice, they are all completely different things doing completely different jobs. I'm short on time right now, but shortly put:

The dantians are not the chakras, even just in theory. Thinking they are the same because they are in similar locations is like saying the lungs are the same as the heart. It's wrong.

Jing is not kundalini, and neither is it the martial Jin. There is no direct kundalini equivalent, because most traditions of Qigong don't directly mess with kundalini like kundalini yoga does.

Oh, and as a practitioner of Qing Gong, it's the Lower Dantian that's most important there. Core, center of gravity. All that jazz. Unless you're talking about a system of lightness development that I've never heard of, Mind_Bender.



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