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March 02, 2014, 09:07:18 PM
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To be frank I do not believe us humans we are capable of answering this question. Though we have emotions, we are unable to fully understand what it is to be a spiritual being without a physical body. This is under the assumption that there are spiritual beings that aren't able to form a physical body. For such creatures we would not be able to understand how they live.

The emotions we feel are basic when we are children, even before the brain is fully developed we have emotions. Therefore it is must be part of our beginning evolutionary pattern of development.

I would conclude this question cannot be truly answered. It will probably remain a mystery to which there is no objective fact that can be produced.
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If nothing existed but the Source and the Source - Created everything - Is the Creation from the Source? - If the Creation can behold intelligence - Then does the Source also have intelligence? - After all - The Source was far more than its Creation.