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We seem to be a world that relies on one another. We seem to turn to our neighbour, the professional, the priest, the someone other than ourselves, to find the answers to what we are dealing with in life. We think that the outside has all the answers and we deny the fact that inside we have the answer. We deny ourselves by seeking outwardly for facts on the matter. Yes some facts can be found outside - medicine, engineering and technical skills can be found - but inwardly, psychologically, our own development is dependant upon noone else, but ourselves - yet we do not understand this, we always seek out the assistance to our life, in the outside world.

We think, others have been there before us, so they know what to do. These people knew what to do for their own life, they dont know what is best for you, for you are different to the rest of the world. You have unique circumstances expressing themselves in your life, they are unique to you and only you, noone else is going through what you are, someone may have something similar, but it is not up to this someone else to show you the light, you must realise this all on your own. To depend upon the authority of another, is to deny your own intelligence, your own intuition, your own truth from being revealed. You deny the chance to learn about yourself, how you relate, how you act and all these sorts of things when you depend upon someone or something else other than yourself.

This includes god. Depending upon god to show you the light, asking god to reveal the truth to you so that you may walk on from your conflict, your sorrow, your misery, seldom do we apply ourselves to the situation to reveal the truth for ourselves. When faced with an issue, what do most people do? They deny it, they try to change it into the ideal, the rely on the books or the professional to show them the way, they rely on spiritual sources, they rely on prayers, sutras, mantras to help alleviate their burdens - they do not listen, they respond from fear. Fear causes people to run away from what they are dealing with and we run away from the thing when we rely on something other than ourselves to show us the light. In our life, in our own minds, we need noone else to show us the light, if we allow ourselves the chance to listen, to not run away in fear, to not try and find security in another, then we can be capable of action.

So long as we are encrusted with fear, we cannot act. We cannot act because every movement we make, is a movement that is filled with insecurity, doubt, and the mind clutches at what it knows to know the truth of what it is dealing with. The trouble is this - when faced with an issue in life, in the moment, it is a new issue - it is something requiring a new relationship and not one that is old. The old relationships cannot bring about the new lesson, they can only drag in what is old. To rely on what is old is to rely on what you know and thus you are living as limitation always functioning within the known. When something you dont know comes along, you say i dont know and dont bother with it - you walk away from it, dismissing it. There may be some that take a look at it, that listen to it, but very few do so.

So we rely on others because we are scared, we rely on others because we are insecure within ourselves, we rely on others to draw power from it all, that power being knowledge, with that knowledge we then have the power to fight life, to conquer our issues. By conquer, we usually mean by changing it into the ideal. To change it into the ideal, is to make the issue something that it isnt. To change the issue into the ideal is to deny learning. To change the new situation into a known situation is ignorance. The new requires the new, not the old, many make the mistake of making the old the new. Technically we require some old ways to work the technical skill - medicine for example. There are techniques for heart transplants and the removal of tumors. Im not saying skill wise, im talking psychologically, mentally, within our minds, within our activity, within our life.

In the face of an issue in our life, we must listen to it, give it careful attention, observe it as it acts. We must be aware of its activity if there is to be any revelation whatsoever. If we dont listen and we interrupt with what we think all the time, then we are only involving what we know - the known knows only the known and not the new. Careful observation will reveal the new. When you are observant, what happens psychologically? We are silent within ourselves arent we? When silent within, there is an element of caring, of understanding, of love, because careful attention nurtures the issue being dealt with - it lends compassion to the situation doesnt it? Look and see. Your faced with an issue, you listen to it, you care about it, you attend wholly with your whole being, what happens? You learn about it - the situation reveals facts about itself - you transcend the situation without trying to make it into the ideal.

You allow the situation to be what it is, and in this being, the truth is revealed. This can be applied to anything in life - to listen, to observe, to care, to love, silently within ourselves, not interrupting with what we think it is, but what it actually is - seeing the facts in other words, without your own opinions, judgements, condemnations, prejudices and so on. Rely on nothing else other than your own ability to listen, to learn, to transcend the moment, to care for it. Observations will not take place if you are thinking about the thing being dealt with - the situation has to express itself before it can be understood - if you interrupt prematurely, then you will not see the whole, but if you keep company with it and all the situation to burn itself out naturally, without interruptions, then you earn wisdom about it. It is important for you to understand that if you interrupt before the issue has dissolved itself, you will not see the depth of the thing and thus miss out on learning.

Be well.

the pita:
beautifully said, couldnt add anything to it

Another great one. Thankya.

we must rely on ourselves spiritualy to an extent... because we are the only one doing it we might say... but there are others on the path also... if people can help outside... people can help inside... they can point out things you may not have noticed... also what if you do ask one of your gods or goddesses for wisdom and guidance?... there is no problem in asking for help here or there if you are confused... i do agree... putting the whole burden on them is fear... but if you do not understand and they may have addtional guidance than it is fine...

It's an inspirational post.


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