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Mind is not truth

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Mind is not truth:

The mind is full of contradictions, ideas, past notions, knowledge. In short, it is our collective knowledge. Whenever life presents a new lesson to us, we always try to relate through what we know. Whenever we relate through what we know, we actually deny learning. Relating as the known only brings forth the known. Thus thinking we can learn through what we already know is an illusion. Similarly, the state that is freedom, love, peace is not found within the circles of the mind. Truth is not in the mind. Relaying the story of the scientist that first discovers something, something he has never seen - he knows not what it is.

That not knowing, is truth. The nameless state, is truth. The place that is beyond the compass of the mind and all its ways, all its duality, all its conflict and contradiction and propaganda for self glorification and manipulation, lies the truth of this world and indeed our beings. If you have come to understand the minds true identity, and indeed seen all its manipulative workings, then you are left with somewhat of a struggle. What to do next? What is sought after is the freedom from the mind, for the mind is the birthplace of all our struggles, all our problems, all our negativity. The illusion is that we can fix this negativity with our positive thoughts. This is not so.

When a negative essence arises within our being, we feed it more fuel by trying to control it, analyse it, understand it. A problem seeks to distort our being, distort the holy truth within our life - the truth that is beyond the mind. Have you ever noticed how the mind interrupts within a moment that is beautiful? You observe nature for example and then comes thought to tell you all about it. You didnt need to know all about it, you where quite content being whole with it. But the mind is never content. It is always implementing ways to feed itself, which is where its cunning and trickery come forth. It seeks to manipulate your being, trap you within the mind and its workings and yes it is a trap to try and solve your negatives with a positive.

You are locked within a self centred manipulative circle that is trying desperately for control over life. But what often eludes is the fact that our activity for control is the very thing fuelling this act of disorder and chaos. Thought is primarily concerned with its own self gratification and glorification. If you observe closely you will see all the thoughts within our being are self motivated in some way. Self is the cause of all its problems. Because self is moving through life gathering information, past information conflicts with new information thus creating conflict. Self is creating conflict through a spiritual essence. An essence that goes unnoticed because we are so heavily embroiled within our way of being, that we do not realise it. This very fact keeps us trapped within thought, within the mind and within the field of manipulation or imitation.

So long as this goes on unobserved, we will always be trapped within ourselves and we will never know peace or love. Here is the thing - you cannot cure thought with thought, you cannot dissolve the troublesome mind with thoughts, for thought begets thought and thus the attempt to cure is actually conflict. Thus what can be done? What must be done is observation of what is. Not trying to say this and that about it - our interpretation, but simply listening to it for what it is. This is seeing truth. Like when you look at a tree or a cloud, you just watch it dont you? You just look. Similarly within, you just listen. If something troublesome arises, you just listen to it - the cure to our problems lies in inaction, non knowing, being with the thing as it is.

The more you think on it, the more roots you give to the problem to dig into your being. Thus whatever thought it may be, noble or negative, you are actually fuelling more and more the more you interact with it. We must observe this within ourselves - that ALL thoughts trap us within and prevent us from living a life of truth. Truth is beyond the mind and is not to be found within words, but the wordless. Truth is not known, truth is not the word, truth is not a thought, truth is not a set course of action, truth is not anything that we can conjure up. Truth is indeed shapeless, formless, wayless, it is nothing in particular. The mind thinks it knows truth. It thinks the words and ways it uses are truth, it thinks knowing things is truth. Thus it manipulates our being with so called truth to fuel its own selfish desires. The mind thinks only of itself and nothing else.

Beyond the mind lies the reality of life. To think that thinking is our cure to all of lifes problems is actually a lie. To think indeed about our problems fuels them. We have discussed that listening, doing nothing about them, but listening to them, giving them attention is the beginning of dissolution through inaction. For we have discussed that activity with thought, fuels more thought and from what we have seen thought is the cause of problems, the cause of duality, the cause of negativity, the cause of conflict, the cause of suffering, the cause of ignorance - the cause of everything unhealthy in life. Its positive implications are actually self orientated. To do this so i can be free. so i can love, so i can be at peace - so i can do this and that - the I is the cause of the initial issue.

The "I" has been taught it has to do something in order to gain freedom, love, peace - but these things are not attainable through mental efforts. They are indeed when the mind seeks nothing, goes nowhere, but is silent and still within itself. The very movement of self is the beginning of all of selfs chaos. You do not seek peace, love, freedom - they cannot be captured and held within the mind - truth cannot be bottled and sold. Which is what thought wants. It wants to hold truth, love, freedom, through mechanical memory, it wants to hold it and have it forever - but love, peace, freedom, truth are not memory - they are indeed alive, living in the moment, and thought is not of the moment. Every thought is either past related or a future projected state within created by past experiences.

There is no such thing as a new thought. All thought is old. No matter which way you look at it, no matter how cleverly designed. It is all old. To think the old can reach the new, that the old can solve the new is a lie, a fallacy, it is a contradiction. New solves the new, new reaches the new - old cannot. Thus in this, we put to rest all seeking and trying to capture, realising its folly. The more we try to grasp, the more we lose. The more we let go, the more we find. Thus truth lies in simplicity, not gathering of information, but in less. The more we discover about ourselves, the more we shed, the more we carve away the falsity, the illusion, the more we will see the truth that limits and obstructs. When we finally realise the source of all this illusion, we can then turn away from the mind, realising it can do nothing for us, realising that it is all a field of illusion and trouble.

Where do we go from here? When we realise our mind - when we see through it, not through the gaining of more knowledge, because knowledge binds us within ourselves, but when there is a sense of freedom from all the trappings there is a sense of silence, of peace, of love - when the mind is quiet, truth can be, but so long as the mind conjures ways to be with peace, with love, with truth, it will always miss it. Truth lies outside the mind, to discover truth we must first discover our minds in a truthful manner. To see the mind for what it is, is to silence it, to silence it is to unify with life and indeed truth. The mind will never know truth as a whole, it will pick up fragments, but never the whole. And whole truth is what we are after, we wish to live as the whole truth dont we? Not pieces but the whole.

To do so means to not have the self seek it. To be without seeking, without tricks, without cunning, to go nowhere within, psychologically come to rest, means that we are silent and still within ourselves. The mind, once realised, will try to trick and deceive its way into your heart through displaying its power, for it realises it has lost all its power. The mind is a tool of a fool, beyond the mind lies greatness. To live within the mind is isolation, to live beyond the mind is freedom. To try and solve the mind is conflict, to let the mind go is peace. The mind is the source of all negativity, it is you who must see this, it is the place that perverts the whole of life. Truth is found outside the mind, not in it, in it, there is only trouble, outside it, there is something that cannot be taught through words and names. When the mind comes, what are we to do? In the beginning, listen, in the end, listen - all the mind is trying to do once you have learned it is trying to drag you back into conflict.

If you think again, you will be dragged into conflict, if you deny thought its existence through inactivity, non action, non knowing, you will not be dragged into conflict. To know the mind is to do nothing with it, for everything done with it, brings destruction. To follow the mind is to follow destruction, to go where the mind wants, is to go where trouble is. To live a trouble free life, is to live a life beyond the scope of the mind. Observe for yourself, watch the mind, how much chaos it causes when it acts. Life is not meant to be a problem, life is actually peaceful and loving, but the mind perverts this fact through its cunning manipulation and deceitful mannerisms. We believe so strongly in the mind, but we do not honestly realise what it is doing. We marvel at it, though it is actually marvellous without it.

Be well.

It's not often I read an article with such expanded insight, such as this one.

I enjoyed reading it, as it was/is helpful.

Why did you decide to write it?  Do you have anymore articles?

I have a book, and several articles on Cd. I posted another in the other forum, if people are interested, perhaps there could be more posted?

Be well.

I wouldn't mind reading other ones.  Feel free to post where appropriate.

As for your book, in what form -- published, files, etc. -- is it available (if at all)?

Unpublished, half a year old, files.

Is avaliable.

Will post others.

Be well.


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