Author Topic: What can u say bout Buddhism and their Om Ah Hung mantra?  (Read 5367 times)

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August 30, 2012, 03:04:23 AM
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I was just curious what's your view bout the Buddhist religion and their teachings...and also the mantra om ah hung of which they say it clears up bad karma and heal our body, speech and mind and was also good enough to activate and balance our chakras.

One site, only state repeating Om mantra while visualizing white om fire in the center of the brain spreading the whole body, then after that repeating Ah sound while visualizing red Ah flame in the center of the throat spreading the whole body and then repeating Hung sound while visualizing blue flame in the center of the chest spreading throughout the body. While another buddhist site said we have to repeat the complete Om Ah Hung mantra when visualizing the white om in the forehead spreading our body for 108 repetition, red Ah in the throat and blue hung flame in the chest.

Which of them are correct?

What's your personal experiences with Buddhism and om ah hung mantra?
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February 05, 2013, 05:02:07 PM
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I don't have experience with the 'Om Ah Hung' mantra but I do with 'Om Mani Padme Hum' (Om Mani Peme Hung, roughly translated as 'Om is the Jewel in the Lotus' in Tibetan) and various other Sanskrit mantras.

'Ah' is the seed sound of the Boddhisatva Amighasiddhi, one of the FIve Dhyani Buddhas (each one venerated in Shingon Buddhism), who's spiritual consort is Green Tara, said to be the Mother of All Buddhas. Her name literally means Star. All that to say Amighasiddhi's, and in turn Tara's, element is represented by the Air- the subtle breeze of enlightenment that clears all karma.

'Om Amighasiddhi Ah' is Amighasiddhis moola (foundational) mantra. I have not used it but 'Ah' is said to be the sound of God, hence the Heart Chakra is called Anahata (Unbeaten), the center of Air, Love, Compassion, Equilibrium and Wholeness.

'Om' is the seed sound for the Ajna (The Command) Chakra centered in the forehead, related to the Pineal Gland (the DMT storehouse, or the God-Gene as it causes visions and full sensory hallucinations, hence the use of ahuasca and various other psychotropics for spirit quests). Its color is indigo or dark violet and helps us perceive other dimension and gifts us with ESP and psychokinetic abilities.

'Hung' is usually interpreted as the seed sound (Sanskrit: bija) for the throat Chakra (Visshuddha [Purification]), spelled 'Hum' in Sanskrit, its color is blue and its power is speech, creativity and vibration (among others). A very power source for the accumulation and spread of Prana (Sankrit term for energy, same as Qi or Ki).

Neither of the meditations you mentioned are wrong or right, as systems vary from culture to culture and teacher to teacher. And taking advice from my Sifu, visualization can cause more problems and extra work than necessary (I know many may disagree with this). What is more important is the feeling of the mantra. How does your body vibrate? Do you feel at peace after mantra practice? Are you buzzing with energy, or is it neutral?

On Buddhism, I think Buddhism is fascinating, especially Shingon (esoteric) Buddhism, with their use of mantra, mudra, etc, although I am not one for elaborate rituals. Vajrayana or Thunder Buddhism (most Tibetan schools) is also fascinating. Both schools can be considered Mahayana (Greater Vehicle) as they both believe one can attain Enlightenment in this lifetime (same with Jodo Shin Shu, or Pure Land Buddhism). Vajrayana and Shingon Buddhism may also be called Boddhisatva Buddhism as they belief in Compassion and Loving Kindness and once they attain enlightenment they keep returning lifetime after lifetime in order to help all sentient beings, what the Tibetan Buddhists call Rinpoches (the Precious Ones).

I hope you get something useful out of this.
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February 07, 2013, 03:35:51 PM
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It's pretty cool. I'm sure different schools have their different ideas about it.

An interesting note I have observed is that each one of the sounds, when said out aloud,  vibrates one of either the upper, middle, or lower energy centers of the body. Om I believe vibrates the upper energy center of the head,  Ahh vibrates the heart center in the chest, and Hung vibrates the lower energy center in the abdomen.

This could even be likened to the Taoist idea of Lower, middle, and upper Dan Tiens.

June 29, 2013, 08:48:34 AM
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I was just curious what's your view bout the Buddhist religion and their teachings...and also the mantra om ah hung of which they say it clears up bad karma and heal our body, speech and mind and was also good enough to activate and balance our chakras.

Whilst all meditations have a positive effect on your spirit and body, the OM-AH-HUNG mantra has a spiritually uplifting effect. The Mantra was previously called OM-AH-HUM and was changed later in Tibetan Buddhism, since the HUNG has a slightly more powerful effect (as it includes the OM-AH-HUM within itself). In diamond way Buddhism (westernized part of the karma kagyu Tibetan Buddhism) the mantra is also called 'the great seal' aka the seal of Mahamudra.

When you include visualizations to the meditation, it becomes important to do it properly. Therefore, each and every meditation has a proper beginning, main part and ending. Each of these parts are equally important.

I'd like to continue with a complete meditation based on karma kagyu Buddhism, which includes the Mantra. The root guru that is used in this meditation is the 16th Karmapa (which can be exchanged by a visualization of Buddha, if you want):

For a few minutes we are relaxed and concentrate on how the areflow of our breath comes and goes. We let thoughts and sounds pass without judging them.
Then we deal briefly with the four basic ideas that align the mind to liberation and enlightenment.
We recognize our precious opportunity to take advantage of countless beings through the means of a Buddha. Few meet his teachings and even fewer are able to use it. We remember the impermanence of all things: only the open, clear infinity of the mind is permanent. No one knows how long the conditions remain to recognize them. We think about cause and effect, the fact that we control what happens. Earlier deeds, words and thoughts have become our world today. We constantly planting the seeds for our future. Finally, we realize why we are working with the Mind: Enlightenment is timeless highest joy, and we can do little for others, as long as we are confused or suffering.

Now condensing before us out of the room, the golden, transparent form of the 16th Karmapa, a radiant force field of energy and light. He wears the black crown that can awaken the deepest states of openness in us. His face is golden and mild. Karmapa sees us and wants us all luck. His arms are crossed at heart. He holds Dorje and Bell, the sign of means and wisdom, for joy and space. Karmapa sits in full meditation position and is surrounded by rainbow light. We understand that he is not a limited being, but an expression of the truth of the room and inseparable from the mind of all Buddhas. Karmapa is there, if we can learn it clear or not. We deeply desire to realize his abilities for the good of all. Karmapa knows our desire. He smiles and gets closer and closer to us. He stays at a comfortable distance in the room before us. We recite: "Dear Lama essence of all the Buddhas, please show us the power that takes the ignorance and obscuration of all beings and ourselves away. May we recognize the timeless clear light of mind".
Now Karmapa radiates a powerful transparent light in our foreheads and fills our head. The light removes all all interfering in our brain, our nerves and senses. All the harmful habits and diseases disappear. Our body is a conscious means to give the essence of love and protection. While we remain in the clear light, we experience the inner vibration of the syllable OM [We intonate OM once while we can continuously feel the vibration of the syllable within us].
Now Karmapa radiates a powerful red light in our mouth and throat. This transparent light solves all difficulties in our speech. Impressions of coarse and afflictive words left us, and our speech becomes compassion and wisdom - it is a deliberate means to help others. Inseparable from the red light, we hear the deep vibration of the syllable AH [We intonate AH once while we can continuously feel the vibration of the syllable within us].
Now Karmapa radiates a powerful blue light in the middle of our chest and fills it up. All obstacles in our mind disappear. Disturbing feelings and rigid notions dissolve, and our mind is original joy: joy space are inseparable. With the blue light together the syllable HUNG swings  [We intonate HUNG once while we can continuously feel the vibration of the syllable within us].

We now hold the visualization of the three lights, their effects and the OM-AH-HUNG for a few minutes.

Now we use a vibration, the connects outer and inner truth to each other: while repeating the mantra Karmapa Tschenno we reach the energy of the Buddha for the benefit of all.

While holding the visualization we continuously repeat the Mantra "KARMAPA TSCHENNO" [1x, 3x or 7x 108 times].

Finally, Karmapa's golden form and the Black Crown dissolve into rainbow light. It radiates into us - and any form disappears. Now there is only consciousness, beyond middle and border, timeless and everywhere. Everything that appears in the mind, is the free play of space.
[we try to hold this for some time]

From this open vastness arises a pure world, beautiful and perfect. Each atom vibrates with joy and is held together by love. Everything is fresh and new, full of unlimited possibilities. The being, whether near or far, emerge as male or female Buddhas, whether they know it or not. Sounds are Mantras and thoughts wisdom, just because they can happen. Now even your own body arises out of the room, full of vigor and joy. However, there is a big difference from before: Before, we where our bodies. We were vulnerable due to age, illness, death and loss. Now we have the body. Our body and speech are means to use for others. What we really are, and we know that now, is the Clear Light, which was aware, even when there was no form.

We decide to maintain this pure vision in all situations and wish now that the good impressions that have just emerged, are limitless. May they bring all beings the only lasting happiness that recognizing the nature of mind.
[translated from German].

I hope this might answer some questions.

With best regards,
Sepher Een