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March 13, 2012, 12:36:33 PM
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A few months ago I said that I will leave this forum for good.
But an big mistake towards Jesus, and my humble desire to apologize to Him, and very deep desire to share my experience, so that some may benefit from my case,made me posting this.
I was experimenting with another Deities. I don't want to mention any because I feel that I must respect all of Them. Ive decided that I don't need Jesus in my life at all.
Also,I put my hope in some shady person.
I trowed Jesus's Cross in the garbage.And a few other Jesus's icons.
Gradyally my whole life started to go downward.Nightmares,arrogant attitude toward my closest family members,burst of anger,losing money in stupid situations,dark entities came into my bedroom, and so on...You get the picture.
LBRP and QCOL couldn't help alleviate my conditions.
Real fear entered my soul.
After about two weeks of torture,I woke up.The only way for me to fell asleep in the night was to say Our Father and Hail Mary many times over.And to ask God for help and protection.
God heard me and helped me.And delivered me from my troubles.
I went to church and asked priest for the Holy Cross of Jesus.
He gave It to me.
Since than everything is better.
I wrote this as simply as possible.I will not preach what is the significance of this to me,but you may imagine.
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