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April 24, 2004, 08:04:33 PM
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Be yourself:
To be yourself means to be what you actually are. To be what you actually requires that you have an understanding of who you are. To understand who you are, requires you to understand your whole being. Your thoughts, your feelings, your speech, your actions and your habits in life. When these have been understood clearly and concisely, then it is possible for you to relate to life with a real relationship. Instead of a relationship that is vague. When you are clear on yourself, your whole life becomes clear also. Other people are clear, things are clear with you, when you are clear within yourself. If your mind (root) is disturbed or upset in some way, then relationship with life and even oneself can be a problem.
Thus, understanding self means to understand ones problems. But not just problems, but also the other things. For if you focus too much on problem, you in yourself become a problem. Purpose of problem is to find a solution, and in finding that solution, you take on the wisdom and be that wisdom in life. Earning self-knowledge is the act of developing wisdom. When you listen to what is going on within you, and you are completely honest with yourself about what it is you are dealing with, then start to discover real self knowledge or wisdom. This knowledge and wisdom can be applied to people in your life and to yourself. When you come up against something inside of yourself that you do not understand, you ask questions of the thing.
In asking questions you can stimulate the minds interest in what is going on inside of itself. The only danger in all this mind training, is that you may become too wrapped in yourself. Which isn't altogether bad. It is important to be yourself, but it is also important to realize you are part of the world and that you are not the only one living in it. Thus, through earning wisdom and truth, you develop the ability to understand things. In doing so, you can understand that understanding is the medium by which all things come into being. An understanding of the moments happenings within yourself, or outside of yourself. Understanding your feelings, your thoughts, the persons conversation, the game you are playing, the movie you are watching.
Understanding, being yourself, being honest with yourself all come into being through proper thinking, through proper understanding of yourself. To understand, you have to see factually what is going on inside of yourself. If you do not see factually and allow yourself to go on flights of fancy, you may become deluded within you. Thus it is very important to keep your feet grounded. Imagination is a good thing, just don't allow it to take so much control that it misguides you in life. Key elements to being yourself are honesty, truthful seeing, understanding factually the whole element you are dealing with, following what you honest feel is best. Not because someone else has said so, so to be yourself means to not imitate. But there are some things that others say that you should pay attention to.
In other words, you are doing things for yourself in doing things for yourself, you have the ability to understand. You are doing something because you really feel and want to do it. However, understanding this you may realize that some do not want what you do, hence the purpose of understanding the moment. When you are yourself, you don't imitate another, you honestly express your being, being who you are. Simple as that. If you do things to copy someone else, you are not being real or honest with yourself. If your doing the thing, because you honestly feel to do it, then you are doing it for the right reason.
When doubt comes your way, you understand what is required of you, you clarify the situation with yourself you be totally clear with understanding, with truthful, honest self expression inwardly, outwardly everywhere. You be completely clear on yourself and you will find that the relationships you have in life, will be so. The root is the mind, and if the mind is not clear, then life itself will be a burden. Mind is your greatest friend, your worst enemy when not understood. Listen think - learn and liberate.
Be well.
April 25, 2004