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April 07, 2004, 04:56:33 AM
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Its all good:
The value of learning about the inherent good in all things is so important. Why? When you have situations that come to you, that bring you suffering, pain etc, what happens from these? They make or break you. What makes you is understanding the situation, what breaks you is letting the situation get on top of you. There is good in all things – from war, you can understand the value of being peaceful, from training in combat, you can come to appreciate caring for your body, through a good diet, you can understand the value of NOT eating too much poor quality food, from treating people with understanding, you can understand the problems associated with treating people poorly in life.
I’ve said time and time again that life has 2 sides. And as of now, I’m really understanding the no way as way, no limitation as limitation. In the moment, there are limitless possibilities, if you would only open your mind to the unlimited amount of possibilities out there, you could grow so much. Again we learn, that if we stay amidst on way all the time, yes we will learn about that one way, but what about all the other ways that go on that we isolated ourselves away from whilst flowing with this one way? For instance, the man who learns about truth. He learns about truth and he learns that thought is not truth, so he excludes all his thoughts for the purpose of being with truth.
He sits in meditation, he isolates his mind away from all thoughts, both good AND bad, for the sake of being with emptiness, or silence. Yes, love is good, peace is good, but these are only partial places that are of life. They are like 2 leaves on a tree. The many leaves of a tree bring forth the many elements of life. If you observe only 2 leaves, how limited a life have you led? This may sound very liberal, of which it is. And through experience and openness, or through observation and understanding – you can understand the value of all things, that ALL things have a lesson to give, hence the value of being open to all things. If an idiot is talking to you, and you understand his idiocies, have you not learned what an idiot is?
From these pieces of being an idiot, have you not learned the value of being intelligent, or understanding? Isn't it great to be aware of many facets, instead of being isolated to a few particular departments? Another great example is combat. Yes combat hurts people, it can invoke much suffering psychologically and physically, but what about the people who are attacked randomly, or the people like yourself, who are walking around and suddenly are attacked in the street for your hair or your clothes – is to protect yourself and the ones you are with, not a good thing to do? The foolish would say, no love and peace are the ONLY ways to live. Yes they are good to live as, but should this violence come to you, is it not an unvirtuous thing to allow yourself to be beaten and to allow someone else the pleasure of beating you?
This is another element to my multiple angles essay – understand the many facets of a particular thing then and there, look at all the angles and understand them – help increase your understanding of life. For instance, some people will say TV is poor quality viewing, some shows are poor, yet some are educational, and who’s to say that in a particular state of mind, that a poor quality show may not invoke a sense of humor in you? The more and more fixed you become, the less and less you experience of life.
Those who are open to all the avenues of life, to experience them, to understand them, to learn from them, will have a wider birth of interaction or level or ability to communicate with all forms of life. The more you stick to one way, can be good for that one way, but again I ask, what about the many other leaves of that tree? I could write forever on this, and this is just an example of what happens when you grasp that understanding of – many things – and further more, the good in all things. Suffering makes you strong, teaches you compassion, the bad is education for the good, bad once transcended leaves wisdom, poor people are examples of things not to be, poor quality or mistakes within yourself are examples to you and examples to others, thus your mistakes, if observed by others, can help enlighten them.
So many things work together.
No way as way = Use ALL things to help you grow and to move forward in life.
No limitation as limitation = Meaning embrace ALL things with openness to learn and grow in life. For when you are stuck in a way, that isolates you from all other ways, that’s when you are limited and you don't grow as much.
The only problems are the things you haven’t understood yet. Of which are times to grow. In the end, its not so much a problem, but a chance to grow, a chance to learn about yourself and the situation you are in. You see? I really hope you do friends.
Be well.