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March 30, 2004, 07:19:33 PM
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Truth cannot be defined:
Truth itself cannot be defined, because the description is not the feeling of the experience. Things such as space, love, peace these things cannot be conveyed in words. Why? Because the essence of the feeling, the presence of being with such a thing, is not limited to partial expressions or thoughts. A description of something is a thought process to you as you are reading this, it is a process of thought. Truth itself is a feeling of experience. You feel the presence of truth within you and not merely think about it. There is a great difference in feeling and experiencing truth, and trying to put together what you think the actual is.
The actual defies description, because as essence, as feeling, you have no words to describe it. It is a moment that is pure and true. Any man or women that thinks they can convey the nature of truth, of love, of peace into words, would be lying to themselves. Why? Without the feeling and the actual experience of the thing within the individual themselves, all words, methods or ways will not mean much to them. They will be mere thoughts and perhaps something could come of this, or perhaps it may not. Factually, you know nothing of truth, of love, of peace, of space until it occurs within you. Until them, all the speculation in the world, will merely delude you.
The truth OF itself then, cannot be defined WITHOUT the aid of actual experience within the individual themselves the only definition for truth, is actual experience. Nothing above, below, before or after will lead them to it, other than the actual.
Be well.
March 31, 2004