Author Topic: There is no ultimate reality  (Read 1072 times)

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March 27, 2004, 08:33:39 PM
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There is no ultimate reality:
There is no word to define the ultimate reality by which we all live. All I’m aware of is this:
“It (pertaining to anything in life) is what it is from moment to moment.”
The more I define reality, the more I become trapped in the for and against and the struggle to prove things. I cannot prove things, all I’m aware of is that there are moments of understanding. The moment I try to convey these understandings is the moment I seem to get tangled. If the writing flows naturally and things write themselves, then that is fine. All I know is that when you flow, there isn't a problem anymore, there are just moments where things transpire and you grow and get things done. Repeat:
“It (being ANYTHING in life) is what it is from moment to moment.”
The moment you become a fixed reality, is the moment you find yourself in trouble it seems. Because the moment you are fixed, you cannot relate with the freshness of the now, because you are something fixed. As Bruce lee once said:
“Where there is a way, therein lies the limitation.”
I cannot describe how to be, for I myself just am. I’ve just noticed that the mind tries to convey ways to be and that is where the conflict arises. The mind has learned something, then comes up against something else in life, the concept doesn’t fit the old belief thus they conflict with one another. Therefore – you just keep flowing. Nothing else to really say, others have said to die to the past, why? So the new can be born. Simple really – you just keep flowing with things. The more you hold, the less you flow, the less you hold, the more you flow. Simple really. But hard to do because most people have a grasping mind. Learn to flow and let go and life is that much simpler.
Be well.