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March 31, 2009, 03:20:33 AM
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Its about having the right mindset. You can wish for all the right people, but unless you have the right mindset, you may not get the right people. You have to think like a winner. You have to want things to workout. Even if things dont workout, you learn and develop something better.

You dont always get what you want, because the things we want arent always what we need. The reality is simple, when you dont have what you want, you learn something else, that leads to something better, which works out to be exactly what you wanted, only better.

Thats why we dont always get what we want. Because we end up getting something better. Even if we dont realise it then and there. It does always work out for the best. What we need is a little faith and belief in things.

Its that faith and belief, in both God and in the goodness of God, and also in our potential to continue to try and persist, until the good things are realised. It took me being 37000 feet in the air to accept God into my life.

Before, i couldnt accept God. I couldnt believe in him. I couldnt have faith in something beyond me. But i learned to, i accepted God into my life, based on the numerous spiritual experiences and accounts for God being real and him wanting to be a part of my life.

Does that mean i will always win, never make a mistake, be free of fears and doubts? NO! What it does mean is that there is a spiritual force in my life, that is good, helpful and gives a damn. Not only that, but my intuition is a killer, and helps me through my life.

I have an awesome partner, a good job, and i dont need much else but my investments to do more good in this world. I am positive about the future, for people close to me and anywhere else. Life is a good place, even when its tough.

I love life, i love my country and damn, just want to get in there and do some good. Peace to yall.