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March 16, 2004, 04:40:22 PM
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Meditation and love:
Love is the end of all your troubles. Your thoughts are that which invoke trouble. Have you ever noticed, how after a hard session of thought, you get disturbances in your life? Have you ever noticed that the act of questioning yourself, is actually self doubt? Have you ever noticed, that the action of changing your thoughts into what you think they should be, is the action of self denial? Have you ever noticed or just sat down and listened to thought, without imposing yourself upon it, without resisting it, but just sitting there and accepting or being rather with the flow of your mind? In turn - being with the flow of your body? Thought makes you dull, as hard as iron at times, and can make you very imperceptive to the truth of this life. Your perceptions can cloud you and dull you to the actual reality of this world. Thought, can be at times, a wall between you and the truth of existence.
Things like analysis, or factual seeing, or any kind of dissecting process of thought, prevents you from experiencing yourself, and has you tied down to specific ideologies within, that do not allow you to be with yourself. Instead, such actions of mind, create resistance, disturbance within, we become restless, agitited, surely you have noticed this? We think that thought will solve our problems in life, we think we have to think to get out of the trouble we are in, but this is likened to smacking a hornets nest with a large stick. All it does is agitate the hornets. Thoughts will never allow you to be liberated from your troubles, they merely encourage them more so. The more you struggle with them the more trouble they cause. What is to be done you might ask?
Nothing. To sit there, and do nothing, but listen. And to listen is something you have to find out what it means. I may tell you to just accept and flow, but they are not the actual. When you just listen to yourself - you are not fighting yourself, or accepting yourself perse. You are just being with yourself. You essentially open your heart to the essence within you, and allow it to flow unopposed. When it does so, you experience yourself - you hear what you have to say about things, you hear how you feel. You hear your memories, and you hear them for what they actually are - without imposing yourself upon them. Thus, you do hear, and not oppose, which means you learn. However, this is just the first place of meditation. The other piece to meditation is the experience of truth - which is something many people strive for in meditation. The fact is that thought is a past or future representation and truth is of the now. Therefore - how is it a thought can reach the now, if it is always a past or future representation?
Fact is that thought, will not lead to truth - things like love, peace, freedom cannot be found through the process of thinking, which therefore means that thought cannot and will not ever liberate you from your bindings. Truth itself, must grace you, how and when is dependant upon truth itself, i cannot give you that experience, unfortunately - all i can offer is a start, in terms of sitting and being with yourself, and perhaps in sitting and not resisting yourself, but being with yourself, a door may open and lead truth into your being. Once truth graces you, you suddenly change. Love graces your heart, suddenly, you have no violence or hatred. Peace comes to you and suddenly your at ease with things. Truth changes you, not you - the action that IS truth, liberates you and not the way that you think or you act. The way you think and act are merely imposistions upon reality and thus deny the existence of truth.
To be with yourself, is the beginning, what flows on from here is up to what lies within you. Once truth is with you always, life is ecstacy, bliss and a place filled with wonder. Only the heart that loves, that is, can be with truth. Through the death of self, love is born.
Be well.