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March 13, 2004, 12:38:18 PM
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To see it for what it is, be it on the inside of yourself or on the outside of yourself prevents yourself from running on wild fanciful flights of imagination. It prevents in itself the act of delusion, because you learn to stick to what factually is. I'm not denying the use of imagination, or creativity or wondering at things Im simply saying that in real life, with interaction with people, it is easy to take things the wrong way with people or it is easy to assume something of the moment that actually is not. When you listen to yourself, the most appropriate mannerism in understanding oneself is to listen to what actually is going on and base your understandings, on these observations. Likewise with the outside, when a person or activity before you is happening, to see it exactly for what it is or to hear the person and what it is they are saying, is very important. To go off thinking all sorts of things, other than actually hearing what is actually going on you will prevent the realization of truth for that particular moment.
To assume more than what actually is, is to miss seeing what actually is in other words. The more you learn to listen to what is actually going on be it your feelings, your thoughts, your friends talking to you, and the more you pay attention to what is actually going on, your actual awareness and not your assumptions will develop in life and thus you will be able to live accordingly. You will be able to live according to factual understanding, rather than claiming this and that on unfounded evidence. Certain moments require that you go in depth into them, certain moments require you to be shallow with them these moments will be noticed with feeling. You will feel when to go deep and you will feel when to stay shallow. A good example of what it means to just be, is to listen to the surroundings for a moment hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing, the cars passing you by hear them as they actually are and that, then and there, is the act of being with what is. That is how you are with people, you hear them for what they are or when your with yourself, you hear yourself for what you are.
Anything other than this and you may find yourself going off on tangents of thought and preventing yourself from flowing with the actual reality of your life. Perhaps going off on tangents is your way of life and perhaps this has helped you to learn things, and that is very well for you, but to those wishing to live an actual life that is free of illusions and misconceptions, it is best to see what is and to follow your feelings in relation to the happenings of the moment. If you do not know, ask, if you understand, state your facts clearly, they say they understand, do not explain anymore, if they do not understand and are willing to listen, expound and explore with them, if they do not understand and do not wish to understand, do not force yourself upon them. Likewise with yourself, if you do not understand, then do not force yourself to formulate an understanding, immerse yourself in the environment a little more to discover.
Be well.
March 14, 2004