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March 12, 2008, 09:16:14 AM
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Thinking Is King

As we think, so we are.
It is when we do not think clearly about what we are, that things within can get on top of us.
Experience shows us that the less we think about righting ourselves within, keeping the right sorts of ideas within us, manifesting the things that counteract the things that would bring us down, the more trouble we find for ourselves.
The only reason we within ourselves become messed up or confused or anything for that matter, is because we do no think clearly about ourselves, our situation or what we are dealing with on the inside.
Thinking itself is the guard to the castle of life, without our thoughts to keep us on track, experience shows that our attitude fails, we bring trouble to the table of others, and our life begins to deteriorate.
It is thinking that sees the truth of our life, so long as we are willing to apply ourselves in a way that allows us to see so.
I have watched from experience the first hand effects of being broken and brought to my knees, and I have seen the wonder of thought and how it can elevate, change and bring into being a state of happiness and control.
It is the proper direction of the will, when we think clearly, and it is the will that brings into being the right attitudes, the right thoughts and sparks the right way within our life.
It is thinking that sees the truth of our life, so long as we are willing to apply the thoughts correctly to see the real truth and not the delusive truths and ways of ourselves.
Thinking has the power to bring into reality, all the positive things in our world, and it is our lack of correct thinking that causes us to be brought to our knees and made to be broken, where we infect the world with a poisonous attitude, that brings the lives of others down, by making them see the negative reality we hold within.
It is when we stop guarding ourselves, that our mind can take the form of the darkness, and in that darkness we fall and break, but it is when we think right and contradict everything that would bring us down, that we finally learn how to undo all the damage that can be done, so as to be a trouble free person.
Being a trouble free person is CONSTANT APPLICATION of the self within, and not something that is done and forgotten, because it brings about the right attitude toward life, by seeing all the good things we can do and are, and all the good things that we have.
It is when that negative voice talks within, and we give into it, and we let it consume us, that we start to corrupt the beauty of our life, and once again, bring it to its knees.
I have learned first hand that THINKING IS THE MASTER OF THE SELF, and the thing that keeps your life straight and narrow, even when trouble comes, because so long as you think the right thoughts SUCCESSIVELY, the more you will learn that the voices within, although they can be powerful, can be changed via the will, and they become faint whispers, where the strong silent voice of ourselves within, takes control and manifests the best possible reality for ourselves.
Thinking is king, and those that do not, as I have learned today, will always taste the bitter taste of darkness, that can be so easily overturned, when thoughts are applied in the right way within.
I was taught along time ago, when my first experience happened, to do something important – I never learned the value of those words until 8 years later, that simple phrase has a profound meaning, but it always eluded me until today.
That simple phrase tells me the thing I need to always do with the mind; it tells me the absolute truth of myself, in a matter of three words.
The phrase is powerful and I only see that power now as I write this – those three words were:

“Keep it clear”

That very sentence, although short, is the absolute truth of my life – I didn’t see it until today and like I said it took me 8 years to comprehend the meaning of those 3 words.
Keep your thoughts clear, in the positive, dispel negative things with positive words, challenge dark testimonials within  you and manifest a positive reality through the correct application of thinking, to bring about a right end to the things that would otherwise delude, corrupt and destroy the beauty of my life.
Thinking is king – the king of a good, positive, happy and fulfilling life, so long as we are willing to apply our thoughts in the right way.