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March 04, 2008, 12:42:36 AM
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The best results come when you relax. Seeking it seems builds up pressure to find. Some times in life you donít need to find something to know it. The answers are truly in us, provided we are willing to pay attention. A good friend, my brother actually, and so did a few other people, told me that I should just stop looking for big successes. That I should slow down and take the time to smell the roses. I know for a fact that when the mind is relaxed, all other lessons inside tend to compound themselves. The mind is freer and able to think more concisely.

It isnít completely tethered to a point and is not bound and troubled. Seeking may find you some things, but I find it rather ironic how I sought for something earlier, and looked in every conceivable place at that point in time, to find that that item I was looking for wasnít there. I retraced my steps, and double checked everything and in the end gave up. The next day, im going about my business, and I was at work, today actually, I reached into my pocket to find in the shirt the very thing I was looking for yesterday.

If I look back at my life, and see how much seeking has actually benefited me, I would see that it hasnít really benefited me. I came across my martial art system by accident. It wasnít a careful structure that I pieced together, it was more of a random compilation of things, that just happen to fit together. And I refined this simple structure and came up with what I had. To be honest with you, at the time of writing out my system, I wasnít so much thinking about creating my own style. I was just thinking about organising things. And as it happens, as I organised, so too did my dream of being the creator of my own unique system.

There are other points in time, that tell me that when I stopped seeking, things happen to come. I look at my fiancť now, and realise that I wasnít out looking for her the night I met her, and when we got together to train martial arts, I wasnít so much interested in starting a relationship. These things do just happen. An old man I talked to a while ago at work, sat down and said to me that things tend to just fall into place for you. Which tells me that I donít have to actively go out and seek a better life. Bruce lee stated that we should never cultivate ourselves outside of the ordinary. And by that he means to not go to great lengths.

Alan watts wrote a tao on the end of seeking. Bruce lee even stated that ending seeking was a good idea. The direct quote was simple, do not seek, for it comes when least expected. This says to me that seeking, although said to be the bringer of things, isnít entirely the truth. It seems to be that life puts things in your hands, the moment you stop looking for them. This contradicts a lot of goal setters in the world that believe in shooting for a direct idea. This for them may work, as they say, the truth is in their results. But in all the occasions of my life, where the things that meant the most to me, just happened to appear, the moments I was not looking for them.

I have also noticed that seeking is something that causes you to obsess about things. It causes you to over think about things. It causes you to become tense and try to grasp hold of the thing that isnít even within your grasp. For me, it has also bread to a certain degree, impatience. That sense of impatience is and of itself, a burden. Looking at my life, I see more examples of how NOT seeking for something, can benefit you more so, than by actually seeking for it. I will admit that most of the things I have sought after, when I actively put myself on the path to actually find it, never actually came about. It seems the more you let go of, the more you flow. The more you flow, the better things are.

You relax into the flow of life more, working with what you have. You donít pressure yourself to reach higher and further, you simply do your best and be done with it. I have noticed that we naturally refine ourselves as we go along, which in a lot of ways does away with this effort of refining the human spirit and way. In truth, developing yourself is a natural thing. Just like most of the best things in life, do happen to happen to us by accident. As my fiancťs mother said, life is full of unexpected surprises, both good and bad. Enjoy the good. I just think that the more you let go and relax, the better life is.