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March 06, 2004, 01:51:23 PM
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New Members: It is recommended you read from the beginning of this
tantra yoga archive, as previous lessons are prerequisite to this
one. The first lesson is, "What is tantra yoga?"

Q: I have always been very easily corrupted and have allowed my form
to be used in ways that are damaging to my inner growth. Before I
began reading your posts I had no reference nor a concept of how to
go about solving my dilemma. I've awakened the inner teacher in
myself and so many questions are readily answered for me... yet this
area has been the most difficult because in the past I have enjoyed
my sexual exploits and basically ignored the inner voice in these
kinds of situations, because weakness was greater than my desire to
move ahead. I understand that there is no condemnation, that I have
the free will and that I willingly chose lustful pleasures over the
Higher Love pleasures. Having said all that, thank you again, since
I've begun with the exercises you've shared, I've been able to see a
change in my expression. There has begun to be a true devotional
loving and I think you call it ecstatic energy in my body, from the
base of my spine up to my heart and throat centers.

A: We know that lustful pleasures are intense but short-lived. As we
move to a more spiritual orientation with our sex, then we are
cultivating long term changes in our nervous system.

It may be difficult with a partner if you are used to having his seed
and your satisfaction right away. There could be factors relating to
relationships with members of the opposite sex a subconsciousness
need to sexually exploit or be exploited. Yoga practices will
eventually get to the bottom of these karmic influences and release
them. That is sexual healing, as discussed in an earlier lesson.

In cases where working with a partner in tantric sexual relations is
difficult due to strong lustful habits, it might be benefical to work
alone for a while, establishing a good routine of "left-handed"
practices -- meditation, spinal breathing, mulabandha, siddhasana,
and so on. There can be good stimulation of sexual energy for yoga in
sitting practices. Solo masturabation could also be explored in
tantric mode, if you are already inclined toward it. In that case,
when you masturbate, see if you can develop a habit of staying in
front of orgasm using the solo version of the holdback method. With
all this, in time, your desire for lustful pleasure will lose some of
its luster. That is because the inner spiritual pleasure will be
coming up more and more, and it is very sastifying, not just for the
moment, but ongoing day and night.

A strong libido is actually a great advantage in spiritual practices,
assuming you can bring some discipline to your stimulative practices.
That is really the key. Passion with a purpose, you know. You will
know you are making progress when you can just be aroused without
having to go to climax. It takes time. Siddhasana is a great practice
for cultivating that mode of constant stimulation without
expectations. The "bucking bronco" of siddhasana will settle down
eventually. Then you will find ecstatic bliss trickling up and down
all through you. Lustful pleasures will seem a small thing then, and
will slip from consciousnes during yogic sexual stimulation, and in
regular daily activity as well.

Gradually, you will begin to view men differently. Then you will be
able to engage with a partner, if you choose, without it being in
exploiter or exploited mode. If it is still either one of these, then
consider working some more on your own until you can invite someone
into your bed with enough divine love to be there for him more than
yourself. It will happen if you persist in your practices. You will
attract men of higher spiritual quality too. Or maybe you will move
beyond sex with a partner altogether. It all depends on your
inclinations. It all depends on where your bhakti (divine desire)
leads you.  

The guru is in you.

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