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March 04, 2004, 04:58:22 AM
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Change – the interplaying opposites:
Just when you think you have it, life changes on you to show you you don't. Life, like truth, may be definable in some areas, but overall there is no way to define life – because in each persons life, it is played out differently, uniquely, there are no set parameters that people must live by – though we have set them out in our systems. There are certain ways to behave, but at times, these ways are transcended and we experience that which is wayless. Bruce lee once said:
“When there is a way, therein lies the limitation.”
What he meant was that ways limit your ability to live. You live according to a system, an ideology, a set mannerism in acting, and you do not function outside of this. Alan watts has said:
“This whole system that is life consists in the now you see it, now you don't. Here you are, and here you aren’t.”
What this is saying is that life’s moments are constantly shifting and changing and cannot be pinned down in ways to live as. Bruce lee once said:
“To change with change is the changeless state.”
Meaning to live without fixed ways, lies the ability to adapt to the troughs and waves that are life. And you cannot do that if you are isolated within a fixed pattern or fixed system of living. If you live according to ‘way’ – or ‘system’ then you do not see out of that. Which is the limit the capacity of yourself to live life with freedom. Bruce lee once said:
“Use no way as way, and no limitation as limitation.”
Meaning not to be tied down to specifics, and to allow yourself the freedom to live. But of course, we cannot do whatever we please, as there are laws. It is an interesting web we are caught in. The on off system or the dual world I like to call it. One second it is this piece and your on top of the world, then the other piece presents itself and it shows you you really aren’t. Life cannot be defined, because it is always changing, always shifting, thus you could if you like, call life ‘change.’ By change, you realize that life has within its ways, pairs that always operate with one another. Dual and non dual, being and non being, life and death, good and bad, in and out, up and down. How can you live according to set ways if life is always changing? Thus, you are destined for a life of suffering and conflict if you do.
Ultimately – what is trying to live in this life? It is self isn't it. If you have truly seen self, then you realize that this thing called ‘I’ does not really exist, and that it was all just a hoax. You may have realized a small white light within you, and that’s all that it does. Sometimes it is just there and sometimes it glows brightly for your own eyes to see. But it is never one thing, this life, all the time:
“Enlightenment is not a fixed place.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Meaning, what it says. That life isn't something fixed, if you are fixed, then you are frozen solid in life, isolated and you cannot see beyond it. The wayless way – meaning a way that isn't fixed, meaning a way that is flexible, adaptable. The mind cannot be such a way, purely because it is isolated within ways. ALL THOUGHTS ARE WAYS TO BE. Thus, how can thought, be that which is wayless? It cannot be – purely because it is past information, it is limited by what it knows and doesn’t see beyond it. Hence the aim of zen according to alan watts is to realize the limitations of thinking. Thinking can only get you so far they say, it is being that expands your horizons. Hence the wayless way.
“To die to yourself is to be liberated” – Bruce Lee.
“To die is to love.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti.
Meaning, if you allow self to die, which comes through understanding yourself. If you allow yourself to literally die within, then it may be possible to come across these things called love, goodness, truth. But even then, this truth is not always on. Thus it seems, that life is not always good and it is not always bad. Sometimes you feel great, and sometimes you suffer. Sometimes you are healthy and sometimes you are unwell. Always with the 2 interplaying sides. I cannot define life as such, all I can say is this:
“Adapt to what is – if you fumble, learn to walk again.”
Alan watts once said:
“The perfect mind is like a mirror – it grasps nothing, it refuses nothing.”
Thus – if thought comes to it, then it doesn’t reject it. If thought is within, then it doesn’t try to dominate it. If you grasp thought, you will be in conflict. If you let thought be without resistance, then thought is just sound. Life is not one way – it is always changing, shifting – that which changes, can sometimes not change also. Thus – it is impossible to say what life itself is. All attempts are like as Alan watts said:
“Trying to bite your own teeth.”
Ultimately – life is to be lived, and not conceptualized. You can spend your life living, or writing about HOW to live and after all that is not living, but it may be living to some – some may see this as a way to live their life, and others may realize that it is pointless and thus do nothing about it.
“You can spend your life explaining or you can just live.”
Really, sometimes you explain things, sometimes you just live. Mind cannot say what life is, mind cannot say what truth is – it may give fragments, but these fragments are not the whole. Thus efforts to explain life and futile – as it is one thing one moment, and another the next. Once you have crystallized how to in one moment, you have to let that go to discover another. Thus Bruce lee said:
“Life is best lived, rather than conceptualized.”
“You are not living when you write concepts, you are explaining how and that is not living.”
In the end I may be able to define one thing, but that is not the whole.
[font='Times New Roman']"If you try to see with mind, you will suffer. All truth lies beyond the minds grasp."[/font]
[font='Times New Roman']"I dont know anymore, what is, is." [/font]
Be well.