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Do you believe in a life after death? Do you believe in reincarnation?

I was just wondering how people thought of death, and where their spirits would venture after their passing. I personally think you go to pergatory where you are judged on your life as a human. If you lived a good life, and you go to heaven, then I think you have a choice. A choice between returning to earth, to staying in heaven with your God.

But I think that if you go to Hell that you will have no choices. That you will spend eternity regretting your sins, and you will be punished until you change. Then when you change you will go back to pergatory and do the process over again.

I was wondering about your thoughts on the matter.


the pita:
When i die i will neither go to heaven or hell in a religous sence. My spirit will go to its next destination. were that maybe i will not know till i die. There will not be anyone to judge me when i pass. Only those i have left behind. The only heaven for me is when i feel good, and the others around me.. and i pay for my past and present sins on a daily basis. there is noone to judge me anymore. those around me judge me, and i am either in heaven or hell at any given time or moment.  what is out there arfter i pass can only be improved upon from my past mistakes and success in this life. I have no god, i only have the life before me and what i make of it. And im sure my next one will be all the better.

i beleive the only thing that is close to heaven or hell is the astral planes.  some spirits go to the astral planes after they die for what ever reason some do it for only a short time until they cross over and be reincarnated some try to stay as long as they can. i am alittle curious of how many people on this site beleive in reincarnation and also of those that do beleive in reincarnation how many of you have seen into one or many of your past lives. im also curious how many people on this site have had a birth vision which is a vision of yourself before you were incarnated in this life so basically a pre-birth vision.

Yep, I believe in the afterlife.  My beliefs include: reincarnation, heaven, and the abyss(hell).

My thoughts are, when you die, you are reborn to another life that was chosen by the masters of Karma.  But if you commit acts against humanity like war crimes etc.(think Hitler), you go to the Abyss for eons to burn of all of your negativity.  And to get to heaven, you will have to walk the spiritual path and gain enlightenment.

Belief in something is a hindrance to actually knowing it. We can sit there and think yes it exists, but without actual evidence, we will never truly know. Thus if it never existed, we have lived in a lie. Thus what is important to remember is that belief prevents us from exploring for ourselves the what is of the thing we are dealing with, not what we think it is but what it actually is. The facts. Factual seeing and the removal of all false incentives for recognition. Only taking what is factually present and avoiding all fill ins and opinions on the matter.

If you dont know, dont talk. Dont assume, dont guess. Simple as that really. How is it you can talk about something you have never experienced? How can you know something without seeing it with your own 2 eyes? Only by immersing yourself in yourself will you find what is real. Because another has said it does not mean it is true. You have to see for yourself, finding out for yourself. Not according to the method of another, but according to the unique ability of yourself to discover. If you rest upon anything else, you become dependant and not independant.

To rely on anything other than yourself is weakness. You are weak when you rest upon anything other than yourself. Some things cannot be known in this life, to say this, is to realise that ive seen this - it is not something for you to follow. Thus why speak at all really? The key point:

Find out factually what is a stop living this lie you are living.

Be well.


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